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Please email us at: info (at) chelseacommunitygarden (dot) org

Interested in joining our community?

If you’re interested in gardening at the Chelsea Community Garden, please email info (at) chelseacommunitygarden (dot) org to add your name to the wait list. Please be aware that maintaining a garden plot is a LOT of work throughout the growing season!

Garden members communicate via an email group ( and through periodic meetings. The email group is used to alert members to problems (equipment failures, pest invasions, etc.) and good news (asparagus is ready, baby birds have hatched, etc.)  A fall harvest party is generally held in September or October.

How do I get in the email group?

Send a message introducing yourself to:

An administrator will examine message to make sure it is not spam and approve.

Message will be posted.

All subsequent messages from you will be posted automatically.

How do I get off this email group?

Send an email to:

That’s it, no human intervention is needed. Please do not send a request.

How do I find about things in general?

1) Go to the CCG website:

for info on plots, guidelines, and useful documents.

2) Friend us on Facebook:

3) Read through old emails: